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Palisade Fencing & Gates
We supply, install or just deliver for you to install yourself.

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  Deterrent fencing security.

  Quality heavy duty gates any size.

  Robust and easy to assemble.

  Supplied galvanised for long term weather protection.

  Can be supplied Powder Coated to almost any colour.

Palisade security fencing is the one most widely chosen, and is very popular with Insurance companies. The fencing offers a practical and economical way to control and restrict access to your property for a cost effective price. It is available in various top designs, in height and thicknesses to suit the requirements of your property or pocket.

Typical Palisade Fence & Gate

Pale Profiles and Thicknesses

'D' Section 'W' Section

3.0mm for General Purpose use
3.5mm for Security use
4.0mm for High Security use

2.0mm for Light Duty use
2.5mm for General Purpose use
3.0mm for Security use


Section requirements for fence heights

 Fence Height (mm) Horizontal Rail Angle Section  Posts    Support Feet
R.S.J. Size
Length mm Centres mm  No Per Bay Length mm
1800  45 x 45 x 6  102 x 44 x 7.4 2400   2750  1  455
 2000  45 x 45 x 6  102 x 44 x 7.4 2625   2750  2  455
 2100  45 x 45 x 6  102 x 44 x 7.4 2725   2750  2


 2400  45 x 45 x 6  102 x 44 x 7.4 3125   2750  2  610
 3000  50 x 50 x 6  102 x 44 x 7.4 3925  2750  2  610
Pale Tops
Triple Point Single Point Round Round & Notched
Installation of Palisade fencing is made easier by pre-fabricated cross rail sections that are drilled to space pales correctly. Cross Rails and Pales are fitted with domed head shear nuts and bolts, which snap off at a designed torque setting, offering maximum security for the fencing.

The fencing can be supplied in kit form for easy self installation. Posts ideally are concreted into the ground for maximum fence strength, however, bolt down posts can also be supplied.

Pre-fabricated gates can also be supplied by us.


Shear Nut & Bolt

To discuss your requirements - please contact us.



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