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Driveway Gates

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  Our designs are fabricated specifically in sizes to fit your driveway opening.

  We can fabricate to your own gate design, as required.

  Supplied in various metal thicknesses to suit the application or your pocket. See designs below.

  Driveway gates can be supplied painted or powder coated to almost any colour and installed at your property.

  All gates are supplied with Hinges, Latch and fixings.

  We can supply and install gates, or just supply them for you to install, saving you money.

  We deliver your gate orders nationwide.

Below are samples of our designs we can supply, to enlarge, please click on the specific image.

Swing Driveway Gates

These are just samples of our gate designs. Gate sizes can be made specifically to fit your drive. For more design options, see railings
pages for designs that will work with a driveway gate.
Or perhaps you may want to design your own!
Up 'n' Over Driveway Gates

The gates open with virtually a push of a finger.
Locks both in open and close positions. Ideal for where
there isn't the space to swing normal driveway gates.
For top rail design options, please see below.


Rail and Link

The unique Up 'n' Over driveway gates have
been developed by KMDS mainly for the smaller driveway, such as found in terraced property. But the gates can be used for any size drive for anyone who simply want an easy opening driveway gates.

Staggered long scroll link pattern formed
from 20 x 6mm or 20 x 8mm bar


Rail and Ring



The gates operates from a counter balance system, making
them virtually effortless to lift up. The gates can be fabricated
at a size to fit your drive, even a single one piece gate.
We offer various rail top designs, ensuring that we can build a
gate at a size and design to suit and fit your property.
See some of the designs below.

100mm or 120mm diameter rings,
10, 12 or 16mm round or square rails



Rail and Ring Top

Formed flower patterns and stems,
10mm, 12mm or 16mm round rails

100mm or 120mm diameter rings,
10mm or 12mm square rails.


Double Bow Top

Rail Head Top

Double formed bow gate top,
10mm 12mm or 16mm square or round rails

Choice of rail heads set in gate top,
10mm or 12mm square rails.


Basket Top

Basket Top

12mm or 16mm formed baskets,
12mm or 16mm round or square rails

12mm or 16mm baskets set in gate top,
10mm or 12mm square rails.


Rennie Mackintosh Style Flowers

Scroll Top

Rennie Mackintosh formed flowers and stems,
10mm, 12mm or 16mm round rails

Formed scrolls set in gate top,
10mm or 12mm square rails.


Rail Head Top

Be unique, chose an Up 'n' Over driveway gate.

Various rail heads choices,
10mm, 12mm or 16mm round or square rails





10mm, 12mm or 16mm square rails,
300mm formed scrolls


To discuss your requirements - please contact us.



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